You gotta love APIs

Today I created another video introducing the upcoming version of Logos Bible software 4.1. Having created the video and uploaded it to Vimeo, I then needed to update this site with the necessary embed code, etc. Having already keyed in the description once (into Vimeo), I didn’t feel like typing it all again – or even copying and pasting. And when I change theme, I’m going to have to change all those pages to fit new video sizes.

So I wrote a WordPress plugin, using Vimeo’s ever-so-simple API (that’s Application Programming Interface to you). In precisely 36 lines of code,* all my Vimeo videos are now automatically displayed on this site when I load them into the appropriate Vimeo album. And when I change my theme, one tiny change will re-size all my videos across the site. As I said, you’ve got to love APIs.

* And that’s proper code, including error-handling and caching. It could be done with 11 lines.


  1. Do you plan to release it? I love the Sermon Browser plugin by the way!