Worship Wars

Thankfully, it seems as though Worship Wars are starting to peter out, though occassionally some try and re-ignite them. Mark Lauterbach has a wonderfully balanced piece about these darker days. Let me give you a few excerpts, then you can read the post for yourself.

…the Gospel is a simple message and it can be applied in any culture. It is not time bound nor culture bound. Two centuries ago it showed up in hymnology. Today it is seen in the contemporary style of music.

Most of the wars about worship were about style. Sadly, no one really cared for the words being sung. Granted, much of the contemporary music being advocated was “songs that express how I feel about Jesus” — and much of the hynology had far more substance. But that was rarely the battle…

…unbelievers are not impressed with our style. What captures their hearts is not our great musical productions or coolness of music — they are captured by the love of God’s people, by their sincere and passionate joy in whatever they sing. They sense the active presence of the Spirit.


  1. James Spence says

    I know what ya mean dude. Worshipping God should be about worship,not how cool the music sounds on guitar, the words matter and without the words that praise God, no one who is unsaved will ever see our love for God and say, “Man these Christians really do have a real God they worship.” I still would like to be a worship leader but worship leaders are there for worship, not themselves. Thank you for bringing that to attention buddy. God Bless.

  2. Then there is the command to “play skillfully”. Can’t we have it all? Love and great music?

  3. Bogdan Unteanu says

    Worship is in the heart. Its not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out. True worship, the Bible says, is OBEYING God. That means striving to live a life without sin.