WordPress sermon plug-in announced

I’m currently in the process of developing a WordPress sermon plug-in. I’m trying to make it so that churches with WordPress enabled blogs can simply upload sermons to their website, where they can be searched, listened to, and downloaded. There is already one plugin that can do this (WpSermons), but that doesn’t have all the functionality I need, so I’m working with a coder to have one written from scratch.

My question is: what sort of functionality would you like from a WordPress sermon plug-in? I can’t promise to include any suggestion you make, but it might well be possible if you make a suggestion this early in the coding process.

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  1. Is there an easy way to make a large number of mp3 easy to search?

  2. Jeremy: I’d not planned any analytics data, but I guess it shouldn’t be too difficult with Google Analytics.

    Andy: This plug-in should achieve exactly that, but only for websites based on WordPress. (PS I once visited your church when I was staying with friends up in Falkirk!)

    Everyone: The first alpha is now complete. I’m doing some final testing in the next day or two before I release the beta for you to all play with. Sorry for the delay!

  3. Mark, no need to apologize. The fact that this hasn’t been a pipe dream and that you are actually ready to release a beta version is incredibly exciting. Thank you for plugging away at this – no pun intended.
    Looking forward, with eager anticipation, to playing with your endeavor.

    Warm Regards,

  4. First off thank you so much Mark for this, this has been something I’ve been looking for, for along time. Any eta on a release?

  5. I think I’m about 24 hours from the first public beta. Sorry for the long delay. I’m in the final stages of alpha testing, and have just three bugs to fix.

  6. I know you’re all desperately keen to try this out, but unfortunately the three bugs we just fixed managed to complete break the front-end! So to whet your appetite, I’ve uploaded some screenshots that will show you how the back-end works, and some of the features that will hopefully make this plugin really useful.

  7. aquadat0r says


    Looking to forward to your plug in. I’m an avid PHP developer, if you need any help.


  8. The beta version is finally out. Download it here!

    aquadat0r – thanks for your offer. I may need your help if I find too many bugs!

  9. aquadat0r says

    Hi Mark,

    No problem, just shout. You have my email address.


  10. I’ve now released the next version of the . It’s not a release candidate, I’m afraid, just beta 2. However, there are a number of new features, and I’m fairly sure all of the critical bugs have now been sorted. Other bugs do remain, however. The purpose of releasing the plugin now is so that you can help finding the final few bugs before the official release. Thank you!

    I’ve also written some fairly extensive documentation and recorded some tutorial screencasts. I’d value feedback about them, as well as the plug-in proper.