WordPress sermon plug-in announced

I’m currently in the process of developing a WordPress sermon plug-in. I’m trying to make it so that churches with WordPress enabled blogs can simply upload sermons to their website, where they can be searched, listened to, and downloaded. There is already one plugin that can do this (WpSermons), but that doesn’t have all the functionality I need, so I’m working with a coder to have one written from scratch.

My question is: what sort of functionality would you like from a WordPress sermon plug-in? I can’t promise to include any suggestion you make, but it might well be possible if you make a suggestion this early in the coding process.

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  1. That is a great idea.

    Some of the functions I think would be useful are:
    1) Key verses (to help for searching etc.)
    2) Key topics
    3) Links to files (e.g. word or pdf copy of the sermon, powerpoint slides – the sermon itself!!!)
    4) Links to other sermons in a series
    5) Links to other related sermons (i.e. from other churches that may help if someone wants to dig deeper).

    I’m sure there are loads of other things. Let me know when you get the first beta out. I’ll be happy to test it out and mention it on my website.

  2. David,

    Thanks for this. I’ve ensured that key verses and series were included when I first planned this. I also recently wrote into the spec a feature where additional files (not just MP3) could be added, so I’m glad you suggested that!

    I haven’t got a topics option, though there is a description field. Would that do, or you were thinking more of a tags system?

    Links to other related sermons hadn’t occurred to me. I guess URLs could be posted in the description field, but it might be possible to provde something more targetted.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. That all sounds good.

    I was thinking more of a tagging system yes. Have you seen the Desiring God website? That has a really good structure for searching all the sermons they have done over 25 years. That may give you some ideas also.

    I hope the development goes well!

  4. Along with key fields is the ability to sort the main view/table. The idea being that you would have a table of sortable columns, i.e. DatePreached, Pastor, BibleBook, etc. Default sort would put the most recent sermon at the top and clicking on any of these column headings would resort the entire table based on the selection. In order to best accomplish this an ajax enabled table would be perfect.
    Now if I only knew how to make one I’d be happy to join in on your endeavor.

  5. Yes, I’m certainly planning sortable (and searchable) columns. I’m not sure I’ll manage AJAX, but it might be possible.

    The other thing I need is a name for the plugin 😉

  6. This would be great! I too found that wpSermons didn’t quite have enough functionality and started to write my own, but my php programming isn’t great, so it is a bi buggy at the moment.

    A useful feature for you to include would be a counter for the number of times a sermon has been downloaded/played.

    And if it could automatically update an iTunes podcast feed at the same time, that would be fab!

  7. Thanks for the comments, Vicky. I don’t have either stats or podcasting in the current design, though both would be excellent. Hopefully I’ll be able to release a beta in the next week or so. Once that’s fully debugged and tested, I’ll think about prioritising new features.

  8. Mark, I look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with and will certainly be a willing participant in any beta testing that you’d like to do.

  9. Hello, I am the author of wpSermons. I am aware that my plugin has limited functionality. It was originally created for a client of mine with basic needs. I would be interested to see what you come up with. Good luck!

  10. If you’re starting with wpSermons as a base and extending it, then the primary functionality beyond what’s there (for me at least) would be analytics data. I’d especially like to see how many times the files are downloaded so a file download script would be especially useful in that analytics code (like google analytics) could be embedded in it for goal tracking.

    I’m looking forward to see what you come up with.