TNG/WordPress plugin

TNG WordPress snippetThe Next Generation is a powerful PHP/MySQL script that acts as a central repository for all your genealogy research, and allows others to view and search through your records. This plugin integrates TNG with your WordPress site. This plugin is free, but to use it you need to purchase TNG (currently $30).


  • Displays TNG within WordPress with no iFrames (great for SEO!), on whichever page you choose.
  • Requires no mods, and overwrites no core files. Just upload the plugin to your WordPress plugins folder.
  • Moves the TNG menu into WordPress sidebar, and optionally adds a search box there, too.
  • Optionally add a template switcher so every user can choose the TNG template they like best.
  • Optionally add single sign-on through WordPress for new and existing users.
  • Can be used with any TNG theme, and any variable width WordPress theme.
  • TNG and WordPress can be kept in separate folders for easy upgrading.


The TNG/Wordpress demo site is here.


The plugin is currently in beta. It may have bugs. You probably shouldn’t use it on your main WordPress site, or on your main TNG site. Always keep backups!


  • Upload TNG to your server if you’ve not already done so, and enter the database connection details in config.php. You’ll probably also need to change $rootpath to point to the folder you installed TNG in.
  • Create a blank page on your WordPress site where you want TNG to be displayed. Unfortunately, this cannot be your home page.
  • Copy the tng folder (from the plugin .zip file) into your WordPress plugins folder (or use the install plugin option in WordPress 2.7).
  • Chose options from the new TNG menu that appears, and set the path to your TNG installation, and confirm the page you want TNG to be displayed on.
  • Add the TNG widgets at the top of your sidebar. They’ll only be displayed on your TNG page.
  • That’s it (hopefully!)


  • The plugin has been tested on TNG v 7.03 and WordPress 2.7. It should work with other versions of TNG and WordPress 2.5+
  • It probably won’t work on a Windows server. I need someone to help me test this.
  • It requires WordPress permalinks to be on.


  • How does the login sync work?
    • You can optionally sync logins between TNG and WordPress. If you turn this option on, all logins are handled by WordPress. Whenever a user attempts to login, the plugin checks both the WordPress userlist and the TNG userlist for login credentials and if the user only exists in WordPress, a record is also created in TNG, and vice-versa. If a new user registers, the plugin creates the user in both databases. If a user is deleted, they are deleted from both databases.

Version History

  • 0.20 (3 February 2009)
    • First beta release
  • 0.21 (7 March 2009)
    • Better error messages on incompatible servers
    • Can now choose between WordPress page or TNG page on TNG home
    • Several TNG admin pages are no fixed
    • View diff
  • 0.22 (8 March 2009)
    • PHP ‘error’ notifications removed
    • Anchor links now correct
    • Admin pages redirect to correct location
    • View diff
  • 0.23 (9 March 2009)
    • TNG missing table name fixed
    • Missing font on PDF creation fixed
    • View diff
  • 0.24 (10 March 2009)
    • Automatic search for TNG path
    • Improved compatibility with Windows IIS servers
    • Password sync between TNG and WordPress
    • TNG widgets now display on children of TNG page
    • MySQL clashes between WordPress and TNG fixed
    • Plugin now works if WordPress is in a subfolder
    • View diff
  • 0.25 (11 March 2009)
    • Template switcher now also works for users who are not logged in
    • Option to redirect logins away from WordPress Dashboard (requires WordPress 2.6.2 or above)
    • Fixed minor bug when WordPress users were created from TNG users
    • Fixed minor bug when WordPress users were deleted
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  • 0.25.1 (11 March 2009)
    • Fixed two bugs causing errors in the sidebar widgets for some users
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  • 0.25.2 (11 March 2009)
    • Fixed incompatibility with recent posts widget
    • Fixed rare bug causing errors with sidebar widgets
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    0.25.3 (21 July 2009)

    • Added workaround for servers that don’t supply the correct mimetype for CSS files (which means pages don’t display properly in Firefox/Safari because CSS isn’t applied).
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TNG/Wordpress integration

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