WordPress Style Tweaker Plugin

Style Tweaker is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to tweak your sites CSS files to your heart’s content. Once the plugin is installed, simply go to the Appearance menu in admin (called Presentation in earlier versions of WordPress), and look for the Style Tweaker option.

You can add CSS to the entire website, regardless of what theme is being used, or add it to just the current theme. You can even add CSS that displays only when you are logged on – very useful when you’re playing with a new look, and it’s not quite ready for public viewing.

That’s it! There are no other options, everything is deliberately kept simple. Everything is stored in the database, so you don’t even have to worry about file permissions on your CSS files. Even better, all three styles are served in one external CSS file which is only loaded if you have actually made any tweaks – so no wasted HTTP requests.


Well, it’s being used on this site to tweak the Flexx Professional theme. It’s also being used over at the Evangelical Movement of Wales to transform the K2 theme into something much brighter.