WordPress Plugins

I have written a variety of WordPress Plugins, which are all available to use freely.

  • Sermon-Browser is my most well known plug-in. It allows churches to simply upload sermons to their WordPress website, where they can be searched, listened to, and downloaded.
  • Bible Text automatically adds the full text of any Bible passage to your WordPress post/page in your choice of Bible version and language (dozens of languages/versions are supported).
  • Style Tweaker allows you to add custom CSS without hacking themes or uploading files.
  • TNG WordPress plugin allows you to use the TNG genealogy software within your WordPress site.Quick Admin Links provides one click access from your blog to the most common admin tasks.
  • Simple Event List allows you to mark posts/pages as events, which are then displayed as a list on your blog.

Some of these plugins can be translated into other languages. If you would like to help with translation, please view the video below:

[flv width=”529″ height=”419″]//www.4-14.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/Translating-wordpress-plugins.flv[/flv]