Where have you been?

Just thought I ought to let everyone know why things have been quiet of late. Unfortunately, I’ve been having problems with my shoulder, and have been told to seriously cut down the amount of time I spend at my PC. Outside of work, I’ve tried to ration myself to an hour a night, which is just about enough to check my email and read a few blogs. The creative juices are still running, but for a little while I’ll only be able to post perhaps once a week. Sorry if you’re waiting for the next installments of Song of Songs or cessationism. I’ve been having physio for several weeks now, so God-willing that should start to have some effect soon.


  1. One thing you might try to do is to do in the mean time is to audio blog, assuming you have the bandwidth (if not check out 1and1.com or email me and I’ll set you up with and ftp account on my server).

    I’ve been seriously thinking about doing this as I often don’t have the time I’d like to blog, and it is easier for me to yap away than to type.

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