That’s my King! (S M Lockridge) – free video

If you’re not already familiar with S M Lockridge’s My King – then you should be! He simply speaks for seven minutes about Jesus Christ, but it’s impossible not to listen without responding in heartfelt praise.

Last summer I put together a video: a combination of Lockeridge’s words, with some images that I hope will add to the power of his message. I’ve been encouraged to share the video – so have uploaded it here. If you’re looking for a video to inspire you in your Christian faith, or a video to show before the sermon in a Sunday service in church, or just something to remind you how God is worthy of our praise, then this might be just the thing.

If you want to play the video offline, you can download it from Vimeo.

Please note that there are about eight seconds of blank video at the beginning and end. If you’re showing the video to a large group, it helps you make sure everything is ready before it actually starts.

A note about copyright: I’ve tried to establish the copyright status of the audio, but have been unable to trace the original copyright holder. Bearing that in mind, I am happy for anyone to freely distribute the video itself, though you may not make a charge for it. I will of course honour the original copyright holder’s wishes should they contact me.


  1. SpindriftSA says

    Ndzoko – the Bishop is right….I am a Christian, but we do not know – we act on Faith…No one REALLY knows – we just believe, and continue believing in the love of Jesus and whatever happens hereafter is in His hands. We have no concrete evidence. I may be naive in my blind belief, but what other way is there? We are all in this together, so let us all try to be kind and respectful to each other. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

  2. YOU, man, are one of those rare humble christians. I have nothing against genuine humble faith, because it is something to be envious off. I fight those masses of christians who seem to preach from a higher level of morality, who know it all so well. Instead of living their faith, they try to justify it,with dubious or non-existing evidence.

  3. “Wether you accept it or not he did die for your sins and he loves you”. .. Sorry, I see no evidence for either of your claims.

  4. Samuel Celliers says

    Glory to the King of Heaven! May His holy Name be praised for all eternity! And it will be! : )

  5. guys how long you think will the world last
    when the father sends the mighty son back to us (our king en savior)

    i think within 100 years what do you think
    im only talking to my fellow believers
    so ungodly dont EVEN BOTHER ME (except if you have a question)

  6. Pastor Lockridge is an awesome and amazing preacher!

  7. This is wonderful I hear time to time, it keep my body, soul, Spriti, together and focus on God, it keep the fear and the mightiest of God in me.

  8. Very impressive. Gonna have to show this to our 3rd annual Northwest Deaf Conference this Feb 14th, 2013!!

  9. Thats my KING