UCCF and local churches

There’s an interesting interview with UCCF director, Richard Cunningham over at Adrian Warnock’s blog. It’s interesting to see Adrian’s perspective (with his roots in NFI). His comments that in the past there has been some CU’s who have not been very accepting of people from charismatic backgrounds. were accepted by Richard, which I suppose adds some balance to the fact that many reformed conservatives feel equally excluded, a point which Richard also touches on later.

But of most interest are Richard’s very encouraging answers are to do with the way that CU’s (should) relate to churches. Here are some highlights:

The Christian Unions is a partnership between students, staff and supporters all of whom are encouraged to be committed to a local church. A CU does not have the breadth and depth of age, maturity and gifting to be a substitute for church… The health of many CUs is greatly affected by the presence of lively, Bible teaching churches in the vicinity.

There are 2 main pitfalls. One is when a CU misunderstands itself and begins to ape a church by putting on more and more meetings… This could lead to some students not having enough time to get involved in a local church… The other is when a local church misunderstands the nature of a CU and criticizes the existence of student led bible study groups…

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