That’s my King! (S M Lockridge) – free video

If you’re not already familiar with S M Lockridge’s My King – then you should be! He simply speaks for seven minutes about Jesus Christ, but it’s impossible not to listen without responding in heartfelt praise.

Last summer I put together a video: a combination of Lockeridge’s words, with some images that I hope will add to the power of his message. I’ve been encouraged to share the video – so have uploaded it here. If you’re looking for a video to inspire you in your Christian faith, or a video to show before the sermon in a Sunday service in church, or just something to remind you how God is worthy of our praise, then this might be just the thing.

If you want to play the video offline, you can download it from Vimeo.

Please note that there are about eight seconds of blank video at the beginning and end. If you’re showing the video to a large group, it helps you make sure everything is ready before it actually starts.

A note about copyright: I’ve tried to establish the copyright status of the audio, but have been unable to trace the original copyright holder. Bearing that in mind, I am happy for anyone to freely distribute the video itself, though you may not make a charge for it. I will of course honour the original copyright holder’s wishes should they contact me.