Prioritising resources in Logos 4

Sorry for another post about Logos version 4, but it really is a terrific piece of software. This time I’ve got two videos about prioritising resources. Resource prioritising in Logos 4 has replaced key-linking from Logos 3. Key-linking was a powerful magic that few mastered. Prioritising, on the other hand has drag and drop simplicity. It’s not quite as powerful as the key-linking feature, but as these two videos show, that’s not to say you can’t personalise Logos 4 almost exactly to your tastes. There are two videos. The first covers the basics and intermediate tips, the second is a bit more advanced. Update: I’ve added a third video on managing collections.

If you have any difficulties, all three videos are also available on Vimeo (introduction to prioritising and advanced prioritising and advanced collections).

Introduction to Resource Prioritisation:
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Advanced Resource Prioritisation:
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Update: Here’s an additional bonus video on creating collections.
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  1. These are not working on my system. Vista using FireFox.
    Your videos several weeks ago were working.

  2. Sorry about that Steve. I thought I had it working, but it broke under certain configurations. Every time I fixed it, it broke somewhere else. Now it works everywhere. I think.

  3. Top notch, Mark!
    Very helpful

  4. Thanks, Mark. These are superb. Any chance you could put the Creating Collections one up on Vimeo as well, so that I can provide a direct link to it from the Logos wiki?

  5. Great vids. Clear, concise and helpful. ***** stars.

  6. Rosie,

    This third video is now also on Vimeo.

  7. Gerry Mullins says


    Your videos are wonderful! Thanks so much for investing your time and effort into educating the rest of us.

  8. NancyDiane Gunter says

    Dear Mr. Barnes,

    I concur with Mr. Mullins comments above. Thank you “from the bottom of my pea pickin’ heart” as they say in the South! God bless you.


  9. Hi Mark,

    Are you still working on the SermonBrowser plugin? Haven’t seen around the forums for a while.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Mark, I cannot watch the videos on this site (they stop and go to the beginning after a few seconds) and the second video (advanced prioritising)on VIMEO is linked wrong – it points to advanced collections instead of prioritizing.