Moving from Logos 3 to Logos 4

With the release of Logos version 4, a number of users are complaining about features that are missing in the new version. They’re right – but only partially so. There are some important features missing, but Logos has promised to add these back in fairly soon. But more often, the missing features are not missing at all. Logos hasn’t removed things you can do, so much as changed them. As a consequence users need to change their habits in order to make best use of the new features. The video below shows some of the ways I’ve tried to do that. The main point really is that we should not be asking “Why is this feature missing in Logos 4?”, but rather “How best do I accomplish this task in Logos 4?”


  1. Karl Flentje says

    Unfortunately I couldn’t see the response that Stephen Hale got about how to make the video show. I could hear the sound, but there was no picture (it was black). What do I need to do to be able to make that work? Thank you,


  2. Karl, Firefox sometimes causes the blank video syndrome. Usually pausing and resuming will correct the problem. If it doesn’t, you can watch it (in a lower quality) on Vimeo.

  3. Could not get the video to work?

  4. Sorry found my problem and was able to view this excellent video!!

  5. Mark

    I appreciate the video. The info you gave out is very helpful in setting up L4. Thank You for the taking the time to share.

    In His Service
    Steve Shelton

  6. Thanks for your video tutorial on Logos 4. I also agree that part of the transition is adjusting a to a new system.

  7. I cannot get the video to work either. What was the fix?

  8. Mark – Thanks for the tutorial.

    You may have found this by now, but there is a work around for the Target Reference function from L3. If you open a Bible tab then click the box in the upper left corner than lets you configure the resource. You can select SEND HYPERLINKS HERE. That functions like Target Reference used to.

  9. could not get the video to play.

  10. Great example of how to use Logos 4. Very inspirational! Would you mind sharing the layouts for others to use?