Moving from Logos 3 to Logos 4

With the release of Logos version 4, a number of users are complaining about features that are missing in the new version. They’re right – but only partially so. There are some important features missing, but Logos has promised to add these back in fairly soon. But more often, the missing features are not missing at all. Logos hasn’t removed things you can do, so much as changed them. As a consequence users need to change their habits in order to make best use of the new features. The video below shows some of the ways I’ve tried to do that. The main point really is that we should not be asking “Why is this feature missing in Logos 4?”, but rather “How best do I accomplish this task in Logos 4?”


  1. Mark,
    This is great! Good overview and perspective.
    Can you put a link to this on the, please.
    This will be very helpful to many people.


  2. Stephen Hale says

    I can not view your video post on my system, do you have another link???

    thks for your time.

  3. Jeremiah D. Morris says

    Excellent, would like to link to this video from our Face Book Logos 4 User group if it would be O.K. with you.
    Thank you for the great video!

  4. Stephen Hale says

    thank you very much for such a quick responce, that link also worked great.
    thank you again for your time.

  5. Andrew Nugteren says

    Hi Mark,

    I very much enjoyed your previous Logos 3 Workspace video, and so very nice to see how you have set up Logos 4 to accomplish similar tasks.

    You said during the video… “Many of the things you think are missing are actually there, just in a different form.”

    I think that’s also true of reference targets, which you said were missing (and were lamenting)! Simply left-click the picture of the resource that is currently open and select “Send hyperlinks here”. I believe this is the same feature, just with a different name.


  6. Thanks Mark, very helpful.

  7. This is absolutely mandatory viewing!

  8. Do you mind if I post this to the Logos forum? The video was very well done and full of good ideas!

  9. Mark,

    Superb! Must see for any new user.

  10. Mark,

    GREAT video.

    One quick remark. At the end of your video you discuss 2 ways to scroll through other Lexicons in L4. A third way (one that has made the migration from L3 to L4) is the right arrow key. It still works 🙂 I have found it very useful so far.