Moving from Logos 3 to Logos 4

With the release of Logos version 4, a number of users are complaining about features that are missing in the new version. They’re right – but only partially so. There are some important features missing, but Logos has promised to add these back in fairly soon. But more often, the missing features are not missing at all. Logos hasn’t removed things you can do, so much as changed them. As a consequence users need to change their habits in order to make best use of the new features. The video below shows some of the ways I’ve tried to do that. The main point really is that we should not be asking “Why is this feature missing in Logos 4?”, but rather “How best do I accomplish this task in Logos 4?”


  1. Cannotview

  2. Bruce Lundquist says

    I got it to work by saving the video to my desktop and then downloading the player. You can get it at

    Once you download the player you shouldn’t having any problems. The video was well worth the work. Also, for help with what is new, and what is still being developed, as well as a time table, go to
    It realy helped to calm my fears.

  3. Unable to view. It does not work.

  4. Sorry for the problems a minority of users are facing. If you cannot see pictures, pausing/resuming the video should resolve it. If all else fails, you can view the video on Vimeo.

  5. FYI – the target resource function in Logos 3, acutally is available in Logos 4 as well. Click the upper left resource icon in the window and a dropdown menu appears. One of the options is “send hyperlinks here”. This is the same as the target resource function in Logos 3.


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