Mac Video Help Needed

Adobe QuicktimeMany visitors to this site arrive because of my video presentation of S M Lockridge’s “My King” – it’s by far the most popular page on the site. And as a result, I’m frequently asked about a version of the video that will play on a Mac. I’ve done my best to accommodate this – even purchasing Quicktime Pro – but the uncompressed version of the video is 1Gb, and it crashes Quicktime (at least it crashes the PC version of Quicktime). I’ve also tried to output directly to Quicktime, but I can’t get the settings right, I’m left with a really poor quality end-result.

So, I need some help it getting this on a Mac format. Is there anyone who is familiar with Quicktime and Adobe After Effects, and is willing to try and make this work? If so, you can either suggest what settings for me to use, or I’ll send you the files you need to produce the video yourself, so that you can return a Quicktime video to me for uploading on this site.* If you’re familiar with video-effects software but don’t own After Effects, you can download a demo from Adobe which will give you 60 days to get the job done!

Several people have also asked me for a tutorial to get the video onto DVD. If anyone would like to write (or has written) such a tutorial, I’d be happy to publish it here, or link to your site. Ideally the tutorial should be simple to follow, and use only free software, though tutorials for the major packages such as Roxio and Nero would also be useful.

I’d be very grateful for any help.

* I have purchased several of the source images, and they are licensed only for my use, so I’m not able to allow others to use them in modifations or keep them for their own purposes, sorry.


  1. OK, took a bit longer than I thought, but everything is now uploaded. Again thanks for all the offers of help and suggestions.