Co-operating with other evangelicals

I came across this broadcast from 9Marks Ministries this morning. It’s a a recording of a discussion made up of Ligon Duncan (Presbyterian), Al Mohler (Southern Baptist) and C J Mahaney (Sovereign Grace [charismatic]). It’s a wonderful conversation: thoughtful and challenging yet always good-humoured and sometimes actually hilarious. You can download it for free on the 9marks site, but as it is a 30meg download, I thought I’d give you a little one minute sample, which will download in a snap. The first voice you’ll hear is C J Mahaney, the rest is from the chairman, Mark Dever.

I particularly appreciated the celebration of strong convictions (something usually not heard in discussions on unity and co-operation), and the frank and very helpful discussion on why a man could preach in a church, but not be a member of it.

I preached on Ephesians 4 at the start of New Year, and verses 13-16 make it clear that true unity always goes together with maturity. Listen to this broadcast, and you’ll see why.


  1. I wonder what an equivilant UK gathering would look like…. crossing streams to gather around strong gospel convictions…

  2. You got to push it-this essnetial info that is!