You gotta love APIs

Today I created another video introducing the upcoming version of Logos Bible software 4.1. Having created the video and uploaded it to Vimeo, I then needed to update this site with the necessary embed code, etc. Having already keyed in the description once (into Vimeo), I didn’t feel like typing it all again – or even copying and pasting. And when I change theme, I’m going to have to change all those pages to fit new video sizes.

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Moving on to pastures new

[photopress:bethel_clydach_1.jpg,thumb,right]Regular readers of this blog will be quite used to long periods going by without seeing any new content. But it’s time I explained my current silence.

For the last several weeks it’s become increasingly clear that the Lord is calling me to a new work. He has been very gracious, and led me step-by-step. Yet it is also true that the pace at which God has caused things to happen has been remarkable indeed.

Through a variety of means, during the month of April it began to be clear that the Lord was bringing my ministry in St Mellons to an end. This came as a great surprise, as I have always been (and still am) very happy in the church. But the Lord was clearly moving me on. It seemed as though He was leading me to a particular church, and as I began to push a few doors, that sense increased.

But just before I opened the very last door on that route, on the 6th May this year, I fulfilled an ordinary preaching engagement at Bethel Evangelical Church in Clydach, near Swansea. I enjoyed my day there, and the congregation were encouraged by my preaching. They invited me back, this time with a clearer sense of purpose on both sides. Now I was in a quandary. Would the Lord lead me along a clear path to one church, only to draw me to another at the final door?

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Where have you been?

Just thought I ought to let everyone know why things have been quiet of late. Unfortunately, I’ve been having problems with my shoulder, and have been told to seriously cut down the amount of time I spend at my PC. Outside of work, I’ve tried to ration myself to an hour a night, which is just about enough to check my email and read a few blogs. The creative juices are still running, but for a little while I’ll only be able to post perhaps once a week. Sorry if you’re waiting for the next installments of Song of Songs or cessationism. I’ve been having physio for several weeks now, so God-willing that should start to have some effect soon.

Spiritual health

After a number of minor health problems over the last few months, I have finally got a diagnosis. Apparently I spend too much time at a computer, exercise too little, eat too many unhealthy foods, and drink too little water. All this has caused quite severe pain in my shoulders and neck. At one point in my assessment I was asked to use some muscles to push downwards. It was a bit like being asked to wiggle my ears. I just didn’t know I had muscles there, never mind how to put them into action!

The ‘cure’, apparently is some physiotherapy, some physician-led exercise three times a week – and a new diet! Quite where I’m going to find an extra six hours a week to do all this, I’m not really sure, but I know I must.

It’s a simple application from the physical to the spiritual, isn’t it? Many of us are spiritually weak, perhaps even having forgotten we are supposed to have some spiritual muscles, it being so long since we have used them. Is it any wonder we’re often so vulnerable to temptation?
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