A just war?

Today I was reading through an old essay of mine called The Ethics of War, and came across this quote from Helmut Thielicke. It just seemed very appropriate to the current situation:

‘What is manifested here is nothing less than the world-after-the-fall, whose injustices cannot be clearly demonstrated because there are in this world no zones of unequivocal righteousness with which to contrast them. There is no such thing as a wholly just war, and my decision to endorse a given war and participate in it can be made only from the standpoint that I see, or think I see, greater wrong on the one side than the other, and that when I plunge into this confused tangle of unrighteousness I do so in the confident assurance of God’s forgiveness.

Taken from Theological Ethics: Volume One – Foundations, (London: Adam & Charles Black, 1968), pp 414–5.