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December 2007

Archives for December 2007

In Brief

Let me highlight some things I’ve been reading and listening to over the last few weeks, which I’ve been blessed by:

  • Mission: Home or Away? (MP3 file) A wonderful sermon preached yesterday morning by Liam Goligher at Duke Street Baptist Church. He answers the question “Am I called?”, and gives a wonderful survey of all that is being done for gospel around the world – and all that still needs to be done.
  • The New Testament on Divorce: A interesting insight into current debate sparked by David Instone-Brewer’s article in Christianity Today. John Piper then responded, followed by this response and follow-up by Andreas Kostenberger. Very roughly speaking, Instone-Brewer considers the NT to encourage grace after a necessary divorce, John Piper believes re-marriage is never right, and Kostenberger takes the middle-ground. Instone-Brewer follows up the debate with some clarification here.
  • Thinking about Covenants: This post from Ben Witherington may stretch you, but is well worth chewing over.
  • My King: I listened again to S M Lockridge’s “That’s My King” recently, which is still incredibly moving. A few years ago I made a video from his words for a couple of hundred people at a youth conference. This afternoon I found myself wondering how many times it had been watched or downloaded after I posted it on the web. I counted 48,623 from this website, 178,400 on YouTube, 75,451 on Google Video, and 13,620 on GodTube. That’s a total of 316,094 since I put the video up in January 2006, or 465 downloads every single day! If you’ve not yet had a listen, do so now.