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If your computer causes you to sin…

…cut it off!

It’s high time I posted to explain my whereabouts over the last several months. Of course, I haven’t really gone anywhere at all, but my presence in cyberspace has been virtually non-existent. The more astute among you will have noticed I’ve kept reasonably up to date responding to comments, but there’s been no new posts for nine months. Let me explain why.

Last February I explained I was having some health problems. The gist of it is that a shoulder condition means I should limit the amount of time I spend at my PC and driving. That in itself is not a problem – the problem was that apparently the limit should be very significantly less than the 80 or so hours I was spending at the desk or at the wheel.

But there was another, more pressing problem. Time pressures in ministry meant that deadlines were being missed, my research had passed its deadline, and my wife was [Read more…]