The best Bible software for bible teachers

Bible and laptopBefore Christmas, I looked at some of the best Bible software packages that were designed for those who have little knowledge of Hebrew or Greek, and were studying the Bible for their own growth, or for teaching in Sunday School classes. In these follow-up posts, we’re going to look at software for those who need to dig a little deeper. These recommendations are therefore for people who teach the Bible to adults, or who want to study Greek/Hebrew.

At this end of the market, the choice of software is actually quite limited. Although there are plenty of software packages that include Greek/Hebrew texts (see the previous review), most of them are dated and unreliable. If you want to refer to the original languages you should be using Logos Bible Software 3, Bibleworks 8, or Accordance 8. Choosing between them is actually quite easy:

  • If you’re a whizz with the languages and are only interested in exegeting the text (in other words, using the software for morphological searching and lexical analysis), then put Bibleworks (PC only) at the top of your list.
  • If you want to do all that, but also want to use your software to consult a wide range of commentaries and theological dictionaries, then Logos (PC or Mac) will be just right for you. Logos is also perfect for those whose Greek or Hebrew is not up to scratch, so if you didn’t understand the previous bullet point, choose Logos!
  • If you’re somewhere in between, and want to focus on searching in both English and the original languages, but occasionally consult a commentary or dictionary, then consider Accordance (Mac only, PC via free emulator).

Over the next four posts, I’ll be looking at each of these excellent programs in more detail.

Articles in this series:

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  2. Understanding advanced Bible software
  3. Bibleworks v8 (typically £250)
  4. Logos Bible Software v3 (£300 – £1,000)


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